Wesley Sneijder says: All for one and one for all, it’s now or never.

Now or never?

Its now or never says Sneijder the day before the Netherlands are going to meet France, in the Euro 2008 football championship. The team is different at this my third finals says Sneijder, all the players are eating together all the players are taking a cup of coffee together and it’s just like when you are together with 23 of your best friends. Even the coaches are drinking coffee with us this is very new for the Dutch team.    

They all want to win.

All the players on the team want to win and it was already planed in the trainings camp that the Dutch team wanted to win this Euro 2008 football championship. The players who doesn’t play in the start eleven is also very happy they are all trying to show the football trainer that they want to start in the next match. I do thing that Wesley Sneijder is one of the players who are pretty safe.

A very important match tonight.

Tonight the Dutch football team can show that they are so good that they can beat France and if the Dutch football team and Sneijder win this match then they can spare some of the players to the match against Romania. I personally hope they can win the match tonight.

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