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Rafael van der Vaart, the perfect football debut for Real Madrid.

Van der Vaart scored a nice football goal in his debut for Real Madrid.

Van der Vaart started the first match for Real Madrid on the bench, but in the last 45 minutes van der Vaart was the best man and playing so well van der Vaart showed the coach that he is not a man to put on the bench. Van der Vaart played a good match; he made an assist and a goal so that was a perfect debut for van der Vaart.

Van der Vaart is he the new Zidane for Real Madrid.

Many papers in Spain is righting that van der Vaart will be a star for Real Madrid, and some of them is righting that van der Vaart is the new Zidane, and that he is the football player that Real Madrid has mist since Zidane ended his football carrier. I think that Zidane was one of the greatest football players and it is maybe to early to compeer van der Vaart with Zidane.

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Rafael van der Vaart is now in the white Real Madrid football shirt.

A new chapter in football will be written for van der Vaart.

Now van der Vaart is changing from Hamburg to Real Madrid, and that is a big dream coming true. Van der Vaart has always wanted to play in Spain and now he is going to do so, and I think that van der Vaart will be a star in Spain and Real Madrid just like he was in Hamburg and Ajax.

A lot of rumors ended in a transfer with Real Madrid.

There have been a lot of rumors in the press, about where van der Vaart shoot play football and Valencia was the best bid last year when van der Vaart had his picture taken in a Valencia football shirt. And that made van der Vaart very unpopular in Hamburg, but then van der Vaart didn’t make the move and the fans loved him again.

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Clarence Seedorf, my winners this season.

Seedorf thinks that Milan will win the Serie A.

Seedorf has said that Milan will win the Serie A and just because Milan is not in the champion’s league I think that Milan can win this year. Milan doesn’t have to concentrate on the Uefa Cup because it is first in the latest rounds that Milan wills meat some very good football teams. It is in this year Milan will have to show that they are a good football team they have to win that league this year.

Seedorf, it will be close football in the Spanish league.

In Spain Real Madrid will win the league again and because Seedorf loves Real Madrid Seedorf thinks that Real Madrid will win the Champions league to and I hope that he has right. Real Madrid have a good team bur Barcelona will have to win the league this year, ore maybe we will see a quick firing of the head coach. Real Madrid will win and Seedorf thinks that Barcelona will be right after them.

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Heitinga loves to live in Spain and loves to play for Atletico Madrid.

Heitinga feels completely at home already.

When Heitinga left the Netherlands and headed for Span, Heitinga hoped that he would like the country and now after a little time Heitinga loves to live in Spain. Heitinga took the car to Spain because he would have his 2 dogs with him. Heitinga loves his place and hope to stay there for many years.

Heitinga can speak the language.

Heitinga had taken a 2 years Spanish course so Heitinga is not coming just like many others football stars that starts playing football in another country Heitinga already can speak the language. Heitinga is a little sorry that he dint brings Ajax to the Champions League before he moved to Atletico Madrid but now Heitinga hopes he can do something big with Atletico Madrid.

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Afonso Alves a great football goal scorer from Brazil.

Afonso Alves Martins Júnior a Brazilian soccer player.

Afonso Alves Martins Júnior was born January 30th 1981 and he is a Brazilian footballer. He plays as a striker for Middlesbrough and for Brazil. Afonso Alves started his career with Atlético Mineiro and thereafter he left for Örgyte in Gothenburg in Sweden, and two years later he left for Malmö also in Sweden. He won the Swedish Champion title in the 2004-05 season with Malmö, in the next season Alves scored 14 goals in 24 games and Malmö finished fifth.

Afonso Alves moved to Heerenveen.

In 2006 Afonso Alves moved to SC Heerenveen, where he followed in the footsteps of Ruud van Nistelrooy, Jon Dahl Tomasson and others. Afonso Alves is the most expensive player signing for Heerenveen, he had a price of 4.5 million euros.
In 2007 Afonso Alves finished as top scorer of the Eredivisie with 34 goals, which is a club record. Alves is the third Brazilian footballer who became topscorer in the Dutch first division. He was a runner up in the race for the European Golden Boot.
Alves scored seven times in the game against Heracles Almelo. This was a new record for most goals scored in one game in Europe.

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Robinho, also great in computer games.

I often buy Robinho.

When I play Championship Manager I always try to buy Robinho. It is often difficult because of the fact that Real Madrid is asking for a lot of money for their players. In the game Robinho is one of the most expensive players and one of the best players, just as it is in the real world today. When you chose to manage Real Madrid you already have Robinho on the team, and he always plays well.

What can Robinho not do in the Championship Manager game?

I think that Championship Manager is one of the most realistic manager games. The players can the same in the game and in the real world, and what they can not do they can not do in the real world. Robinho can not cover one player in a game in the real world and he can not do that in the game either where his character is 9 of 20, he can not tackle here he also have a 9. Robinho is not the born leader in the real world or in the game where his character is 10 of 20.

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Lincoln moved to Galatasaray.

Lincoln signed a contract for Galatasaray.

In June 2007 Lincoln signed a four-year long contract for Galatasaray S.K. They paid approximately €4.5 million. He was met by a lot of Galatasaray fans in the airport, and some of these supporters consider him the new Hagi.

Lincoln’s first season in the Turkcell Super League.

In his first season 2007/2008 Lincoln has scored 6 goals and made a few important assists. He has showed great performances in both the Turkcell Super League and the UEFA Cup. During his first season for Galatasaray he has become a favourite of the Galatasaray fans.

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Can Robinho win the Olympic Games?

Robinho is going to the Olympic Games.

Robinho is one of two players over the age of 23 the Brazilian National Team coach Dunga has chosen for the team to play in the Olympic Games 2008. All teams can chose three players over the age of 23, and Robinho and Juan are chosen, these two players are very important for the team. There are also other great players on the team such as Renan (Internacional), Rafinha (Schalke 04, Breno (Bayern München), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Lucas (Liverpool), Anderson (Manchester United) and Alexandre Pato (AC Milan) and the biggest star over them all Robinho from Milan.

Can Brazil win the Olympic Games?

With help from great stars and a burning wish to show, that the Brazilian Team also can win medals at the Olympic Games the team players are very eager to show how they can play soccer. Brazil has not won a lot of medals at the Olympic Games until now. The Team has a great chance to win in my opinion with the players they have on the team and with help from Robinho and the others.

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Ronaldinho comes to Milan to play football.

Ronaldinho is of the greatest Brazilians football players.Ronaldinho is one of the greatest football players in the world, when he is in shape and when the coach truest on Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho can play the wonderful kind of football as we all wants to see. Ronaldinho can play football with booth feeds and he can do a lot of things with a football, Ronaldinho has a wonderful technique.Some of the greatest Brazilians football players have played in Milan.Some of the greatest Brazilians football players play football in Milan or they have played football in Milan. This is Brazilian football players like Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Serginho and Cafu. This is just some of the biggest Brazilian football stars that had played football in Milan, they is a lot more Brazilian football players who has played football in Milan. Continue reading

Milan has had a lot of Dutch football stars in there football club.

The former Dutch football stars in Milan.

In Milan have there always been some great Dutch football players, the 3 flying Dutch men, Marco van Basten, Ruud Gullit og Frank Rijkaard, this was in the earlier 1990 and that was at the same time that Milan had the fantastic four in the back line. When Milan had the flying Dutch men, they were the best and biggest football team in Europe.

The only Dutch football star in Milan today is Clarence Seedorf.

Seedorf is one of the biggest football stars in Milan today, and not just because Seedorf is a brilliant football player he is also an important man for the club outside the football pitch. Seedorf is doing a lot for a lot of people in Africa Seedorf are one of the most important people in goal4Africa.

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