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Wesley Sneijder in Championship Manager.

Wesley Sneijder is the perfect midfielder.

In Championship Manager Sneijder is one of the best men to have on the team, he always plays good and there is never any complaining from him. The only thing Wesley Sneijder complains over is when Real Madrid sells some of the best players, and that is Ruud van Nistelroy, he is offended sold to Chelsea.

What is it that Wesley Sneijder can do in the game? 

As in the real life Wesley Sneijder have a perfect long shot and his dead ball make him the first choice to take the free kicks. Sneijders passing is like in the real world perfect, and his crossing is also perfect. Wesley Sneijder is one of the most creativity players in the world and he is also a very good to this in the game.

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Wesley Sneijders first season in Real Madrid.

Sneijders first games for Real Madrid.

In his first game for Real Madrid Sneijder scored a goal, the winner in the Madrid derby against Atlético Madrid. In the second game Wesley Sneijder scored two goals against Villareal. One was from a free-kick.
Sneijder has scored 8 goals in the League for Real Madrid and he had 25 apps in the same season. In the Cup he had 2 Apps and no goals. In Europe he had 5 Apps and no goals, which gives him a total on 32 Apps and 8 goals in the season.
Wesley Sneijder and Real Madrid is now the champion of La Liga in the season 2007/2008.

A injure ruins the start of the season.

Wesley Sneijder had a great start in Real Madrid but the season coot had been better, but a injury put a stop to that. Sneijder was out in a lot of football matches, and it took a while before Sneijder got back to his usually fitness. When he got back he vas one of the best on a Real Madrid team with a lot of stars.

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The beginning of Wesley Sneijders career as a footballer.

It all started in Ajax.

Wesley Sneijders career began in Ajax. Sneijders made his debut for Ajax in December 2002 in a 2-0 win at SBV Excelsior. He made his debut when the coach Ronald Koeman called him up caused by an injury-filled team. He was advised by Danny Blind, the then-coach of Ajax youth-squad.

A lot of goals in that midfielder.
Sneijder established himself in the role of midfield general and sometimes left winger. He is strong on the ball and his passing range is enhanced by his two-footed passing skills.Sneijder has scored 43 goals for Ajax in the League in total, and he has had 126 Apps in the total in the League for Ajax. In the Cup for Ajax he has scored 6 times and had 15 Apps.
In Europe he has scored 6 times for Ajax and had 33 Apps. This gives him a total at 174 Apps and 55 goals for Ajax in the seasons he played for them. 

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Wesley Sneijder, a good Dutch football player

Wesley Sneijders life for now.

Wesley Sneijder is born June 9th 1984 in Utrecht Netherland. He comes out of a football family. His father was a footballer. Sneijders older brother Jeffrey play for Stormvogels Telstar, and his younger brother Rodney plays for AFC Ajax C1. Sneijders younger brother is likely to turn professional, and journalists have named his the patient pit-bull.
Wesley Sneijder is a Dutch footballer who plays for the Dutch National team. Sneijder is at the moment contracted to Real Madrid in Spain.

Wesley Sneijders debut for Ajax and the National Team.

Wesley Sneijder made his debut for Ajax in 2002, and he rapidly established himself in the role of midfield general.
Sneijder made his debut at the Netherlands Under 21 in March 2003, and he made his debut for the real Dutch National Team in April same year.
Sneijder played for the Dutch National team in the Euro 2004 where they reached semi-finals. He also joined the team in 2006 World Cup.

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Real Madrid and Robinho got the football Championship

Robinho, a part of the football championship?
In the start of the season Robinho played all the matches for Real Madrid, but then he gat injured, and after he gat bag from the injury break Robinho had a lot of trouble to get back in to the team.
Mostly because, Robben and Schneider, was playing very good. I feel Robinho has a big part of the Championship, Robinho played very well in the start and he has bin a good substitute. 
Robinho is a happy man now.
Robinho is very happy to win the Spanish football Championship, and for Robinho personally this is more important than the one last year. In this season Robinho has played a lot and he can say that this is also his Championship. Last year Robinho hardly ever played, but in this season hi has played a lot.

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Robinho goes to Real Madrid.

Robinho has a big football talent.
From the start of Robinhos carrier, all of the people who now him said that this should be one, of the biggest football talents of the world. Here was something special, a talent you would not see every day in football. Robinho developed fast and he helps bring back the joy to the fans of the Brazilian football club Santos, when they won the Brazilian championship for the first time in 18 years. Robinho helped Santos to win a Championship and a Libertadores Cup before Santos sold him to Real Madrid.
A earlier trainer gat Robinho to Real Madrid 
The man who got Robinho to Real Madrid was, non other than Robinhos earlier trainer Vanderlei Luxemburgo who had a god personal knowledge to Robinho, from when he vas trainer for him in Santos for many yeas. Vanderlei Luxemburgo made the fine gentlemen at Real Madrid spend many money on a young unknown football player. But Vanderlei Luxemburgo knows what he was doing and he spend a lot of money on this young football talent.

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Robinho a little man with a giant football talent.

Robinho is finely showing what he can.
It took a little time before Robinho gat ready to the Spanish football Primera division, but now he has gotten used to the way they play. Now Robinho is showing what a talent he really is, and why Real Madrid paid 24 million € when they bought Robinho in Santos in his home country Brazil.
Why is it going so well for Robinho in Real Madrid?
If you ask Robinho and all others who know him they would say that it is caused by the new trainer in Real Madrid Bern Schuster, he shows him the confident on the field as he didn’t get from the pervious trainer Fabio Capello. Now Robinho plays on the left wing and that is where Robinho is the best.

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