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This was perfect day and a perfect goal from Wesley Sneijder.

This was a birthday wish from Sneijder.

Yesterday Sneijder told his official website that a birthday wish would be to score in the game, and to win the first football match in this Euro championship over Italy in 30 years. Sneijder could not wish for a better birthday, I am scour that he is a very happy man today. The Dutch team won the match and Sneijder had a perfect birthday.  

This was a perfect goal from Sneijder.

Sneijder marked his 24th birthday by scoring a sensational second. It came from a quite sublime counterattacking move that started with a clearance of the Dutch goal line by Gio van Bronkhorst, and ended with Sneijder finishing off a flowing five-man move 17 seconds later, by firing home a scissor kick at the near post. There was no chance for the Italian keeper Buffon.

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Can Heitinga save the Dutch defense?

Heitinga most have a good Euro 2008.

If Heitinga plays the best he can, then the Dutch football team can get very far in the Euro championship. If Heitinga is having a bad Euro Championship, then the Dutch football team will not get very far. The Dutch football team has a week defense, and they will relay on Heitinga to play good.

Way can Heitinga make the deference?

Heitinga is a strong defender and he is properly the best Dutch football player to control the Dutch defense, and secure that the other football teams not will be scoring a lot of goals against the Netherlands. Heitinga can also be a important player in the way the Dutch football team will play the ball op the field.

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Is the Dutch football team ready to play the Euro 2008?

First trainings’ match against Denmark.

The Dutch football team played against Denmark in Eindhoven, and they result was 1-1 not the best Result for Sneijder, van der Vaart, Heitinga and the rest of the Dutch football team. The Dutch team didn’t look like at team that is going to play in the Euro 2008 they played a bad game against an opponent who isn’t going to play in the Euro 2008.

The Second trainings match against Wales.

Now the Dutch football team had every chance to show what a good football team they have. This was the match they should win, they should score a lot of goals and have the match under full control, and they scored 2 goals 1 from Robben and one from Wesley Sneijder. Rafael van der Vaart controlled the midfield in the time he was on the pitch.

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Wesley Sneijder loves to play football.

You can’t play every match.

Sneijder hopes he can play every football game for the Dutch team and for Real Madrid, but the body can’t handle ale the football matches, both teams is playing every year. So Sneijder se it as an advantage if he doesn’t play every match the teams is playing. Sneijder hopes to have a long football carrier he wants to play far over the thirties.

Doesn’t care where he plays.

Wesley Sneijder doesn’t care if he plays in the middle, in the side or in the front at a football team; it is the coach who sets the football team. Sneijder just wants to play some football. Sneijder is maybe best when he plays in the right side but he is very good in the middle or in the left, I don’t think he is the best man op front.

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Wesley Sneijder in Championship Manager.

Wesley Sneijder is the perfect midfielder.

In Championship Manager Sneijder is one of the best men to have on the team, he always plays good and there is never any complaining from him. The only thing Wesley Sneijder complains over is when Real Madrid sells some of the best players, and that is Ruud van Nistelroy, he is offended sold to Chelsea.

What is it that Wesley Sneijder can do in the game? 

As in the real life Wesley Sneijder have a perfect long shot and his dead ball make him the first choice to take the free kicks. Sneijders passing is like in the real world perfect, and his crossing is also perfect. Wesley Sneijder is one of the most creativity players in the world and he is also a very good to this in the game.

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Wesley Sneijder a footballer with an education.

Wesley Sneijder did finish school.

Wesley Sneijder took the education at the same time he vas professional footballer, but it wasn’t all fun. Sneijder did what a lot of others professional football start didn’t do, he graduated from Triathlon College in Utrecht, but that wasn’t at the highest level. But at the side Sneijder took a Spanish course, not because he new that he would play in Spain more because he loved the Spanish culture.

A lot of stars haven’t gat an education.

Sneijder is very happy because he finessed College, not because it wasn’t hard, but it is nice to now a lot of things as others football players don’t now, because they didn’t finish college. Sure it vas hard but a lot of football players that don’t have an education, they haven’t gat some thing to fall down on; if football isn’t the way they can work the rest of the life. 

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The Netherlands has brought a lot of football stars.

What can the Dutch football stars?

A lot of Dutch football stars, have the specialty that they are strong and big, a lot of them are good with both legs, and they are shooting very hard. The Dutch football league are not super, bot they have a talent to develop a lot of football stars.

The old stars.

Some of the old stars are having a lot of success as coaches, in some of the biggest clubs in the Europe. Netherland have always had a lot of stars, earlier and now. Some of the football players I saw when I vas a young boy is still playing Edgar David’s and Ruud van Nistelroy. The biggest star the Netherlands have ever seen must be Johan Cruyff.

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Wesley Sneijders career on the Dutch National Team.

The first game was magic for Sneijder.

Wesley Sneijder debuted with the Netherlands under 21 team against Czech Republic in March 2003.
Sneijders first game with the Dutch National Team was against Portugal in April that same year. Sneijder became the eighth youngest man to play for Holland in the history. In the first match Sneijder showed that he was more than just a talented young boy. In the national team Sneijder played on the wing because he is so good with both legs.

Wesley Sneijder and Euro 2004.

Wesley Sneijder and the Dutch National Team reached the Euro 2004 semi-finals. He began the competition on the bench, but he was soon on the field and in the starting eleven. He scored two goals. And Sneijder was one of the best players in the tournament. It was in this tournament Sneijder vent from talent to star.

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Wesley Sneijders first season in Real Madrid.

Sneijders first games for Real Madrid.

In his first game for Real Madrid Sneijder scored a goal, the winner in the Madrid derby against Atlético Madrid. In the second game Wesley Sneijder scored two goals against Villareal. One was from a free-kick.
Sneijder has scored 8 goals in the League for Real Madrid and he had 25 apps in the same season. In the Cup he had 2 Apps and no goals. In Europe he had 5 Apps and no goals, which gives him a total on 32 Apps and 8 goals in the season.
Wesley Sneijder and Real Madrid is now the champion of La Liga in the season 2007/2008.

A injure ruins the start of the season.

Wesley Sneijder had a great start in Real Madrid but the season coot had been better, but a injury put a stop to that. Sneijder was out in a lot of football matches, and it took a while before Sneijder got back to his usually fitness. When he got back he vas one of the best on a Real Madrid team with a lot of stars.

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The beginning of Wesley Sneijders career as a footballer.

It all started in Ajax.

Wesley Sneijders career began in Ajax. Sneijders made his debut for Ajax in December 2002 in a 2-0 win at SBV Excelsior. He made his debut when the coach Ronald Koeman called him up caused by an injury-filled team. He was advised by Danny Blind, the then-coach of Ajax youth-squad.

A lot of goals in that midfielder.
Sneijder established himself in the role of midfield general and sometimes left winger. He is strong on the ball and his passing range is enhanced by his two-footed passing skills.Sneijder has scored 43 goals for Ajax in the League in total, and he has had 126 Apps in the total in the League for Ajax. In the Cup for Ajax he has scored 6 times and had 15 Apps.
In Europe he has scored 6 times for Ajax and had 33 Apps. This gives him a total at 174 Apps and 55 goals for Ajax in the seasons he played for them. 

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