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The Netherlands stars are done in the Euro 2008.

Wesley Sneijder had a bad day in Basel.

Sneijder is a sad man he had one of the worst feelings after the football match against Russia, and Sneijder is so sad today. Sneijder had one of the worst days in his football carrier I saw the match and I didn’t think that Sneijder got a lot out of the game. He played one of his worst football matches for the Dutch football team, and now the Dutch football team are out of the Euro 2008.

Sneijder lost the wining feeling.

Sneijder and the rest of the Dutch football team played like they were a fried for the big Russian football players, and throe all of the match you cut see it. Sneijder said after the match that, the team couldn’t relax and they newer found the fielding they had against Italy and France.

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Wesley Sneijder is on my personal football dream team.

Sneijder is the most important player.

On my personal dream team I have chosen to play a flat 4-5-1 with some offensives wings, a offensive midfielder and one defensive midfielder, just because I always play that system when I play a football computer game or when I tell my friends who I like or who I to play with. Sneijder is the most important players on my team because Sneijder is the captain and Sneijder is the one who is going to take the free kicks. This team doesn’t even Abramowitz from Chelsea the money to bay.

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Wesley Sneijder what do you do between the games?

Sneijder likes to see some film and series.

Sneijder is maybe the only one of the Dutch football players, who hasn’t got any DVD’s with him, but a lot of the team mats have a lot of film and some series, and it is not a problem to loan them. As Sneijder said to his official website; I usually just borrow them from my teammates. I can always knock on the door of Demy de Zeeuw, Arjen Robben or Dirk Kuyt, as they always seem to have the latest films and DVDs.

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Wesley Sneijder gat the rest he will need later in the tournament.

Wesley Sneijder was on the bench.

Sneijder, van der Vaart and a lot more players had a day of, in the game against Rumania, but still the Dutch football team manages to win the game against Romania with 2-0 and this shows that even when they play with the reserves the Dutch football team will always win. Sneijder enjoyed sitting and seeing that the team had the match under control.

9 players were from the reserves.

Along with Sneijder on the bench sat 8 more football players from the lineup against France and Italy, But the players wanted to win the match, because as Sneijder said winners always want to win football matches. When you have reserves like Robben, van Persie and Heitinga you can win all football matches.

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Sneijder and van der Vaart are having fun.

Rafael van der Vaart wants to have some fun.

After the match against France, van der Vaart said to the official web site:
Sometimes we forget to play football, that’s when things get difficult for us. Then again, this result compensates for everything. Football is all about having fun. And if you beat France 4-1, that means you must be having lots of fun. It’s just wonderful to be part of this.

Wesley Sneijder Played perfect again.

Sneijder played a perfect game against the French, and can he do that again in the quarterfinals and maybe the Semifinals and the final then we have some good chances to win this Euro 2008. Sneijder and van der Vaart have been looking like 2 little boys in the first 2 matches and Sneijder is so happy because the Dutch football team has been playing so good.

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Wesley Sneijder wants to have a little party.

Wesley Sneijder wants to celebrate the win over France.

The win over France gave Sneijder a reason to have a little party because now the Dutch football team is ready for the quarterfinals, the last game against Romania is not so important because the Dutch team is qualified. We are going to have a little party but not a lot, because we are professional and we have a quarterfinal soon says Sneijder. 

Are the reserves going to play against Romania?

I think the reserves is going to play the match against Romania, because if you get any injuries, the reserves will be ready, and it is not funny to be at the Euro finals 2008 and not play a single match. I think players like, Sneijder, van der Vaart, van der Saar, Ruud van Nistelroy and some of the players in the defense will get a break.

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Wesley Sneijder and the Dutch football team won again.

Sneijder controlled the match.

The Dutch football team and Sneijder won the match against France with 4-1 and that was a big victory for the Dutch team. I saw the match and it didn’t look like a France team who had been in the World cup finals 2 years before. The Dutch team had control in the match and France didn’t have a lot of chances to score a goal.

Sneijder man of the match again.

Sneijder played a good game again and he made a perfect goal where he showed what a great football player he is. Sneijder made some good passes and he was all over the field, in the right in the middle front and back, he was the best player on the pitch once again.

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Wesley Sneijder says: All for one and one for all, it’s now or never.

Now or never?

Its now or never says Sneijder the day before the Netherlands are going to meet France, in the Euro 2008 football championship. The team is different at this my third finals says Sneijder, all the players are eating together all the players are taking a cup of coffee together and it’s just like when you are together with 23 of your best friends. Even the coaches are drinking coffee with us this is very new for the Dutch team.    

They all want to win.

All the players on the team want to win and it was already planed in the trainings camp that the Dutch team wanted to win this Euro 2008 football championship. The players who doesn’t play in the start eleven is also very happy they are all trying to show the football trainer that they want to start in the next match. I do thing that Wesley Sneijder is one of the players who are pretty safe.

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Wesley Sneijder was an expensive football player.

Ajax made a good price for Wesley Sneijder

When Ajax got Sneijder to the club they didn’t pay anything because Sneijder started in the club when he was 7 years old. So when Real Madrid bought him in 2007 it was a good price Ajax got for Sneijder. In many years Sneijder had shown that he was worth the salary he was paid in Ajax.

Wesley Sneijder is the second most expensive player in Dutch football.

When Wesley Sneijder moved to Real Madrid in the summer of 2007 for an estimated transfer fee of 27 million euros, he broke the Ajax transfer record, and became the second most expensive player in Dutch football history (after Ruud van Nistelrooy who cost 30 million euros when he moved from PSV Eindhoven to Manchester United in 2001).

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Can Sneijder and the Dutch football team do it again?

This is how we want to play.

Sneijder said that the way they played against Italy is the way the Dutch football team wants to play and that this is the way the football fans want to see the Netherlands play football. It was a good football match to see because the Dutch football team and Sneijder showed the Italian team how football is played on the highest level.

It’s not over yet?

Just because Sneijder and the Dutch football team has played one good game is it not over yet, next time it is France and then Romania and that is not the most easy games to play. Wesley Sneijder and the rest of the Dutch football team know that they have to play good again against France and Romania or they will be sent home.  

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