Christian poulsen is not playing a lot of football in Juventus.

Christian Poulsen is on the bench a lot.

Christian Poulsen is just come back to the football pitch after a injury, and now he has to show the trainer that he most bee one of the starting 11. It is not easy when you are coming back after an injury and you are still new in the football club. Christian Poulsen will show what he is cable of to the trainer.

Christian Poulsen is not going to leave Juventus.

When a good football player is not playing, there will always be some football clubs that think that he is not happy in the football club, but Christian Poulsen is happy to play in Juventus and now he has to et in shape again after the injury, it will take some time, but when the trainer will need Christian Poulsen again, he will be ready to play.
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Galatasaray and Lincoln are ready for the Uefa cup group stage.

Lincoln plays good football in this season. Lincoln has had a good start at the football season with Galatasaray and played almost every minute in the first matches and making a lot of assists. Lincoln is maybe one of the best football players in Turkic right now and Lincoln has a good teamwork with the new striker Milan Baros and together they will take Galatasaray far in this football season. Lincoln wants to win the Uefa cup. One of the targets for Lincoln is to play in the Uefa cup final and if Galatasaray get that fare they will win it and then send out a massage that they can play football in Turkic. The first step was to go to the group stage and now it is to go further than the group stage and then hopefully win the Uefa cup.  Lincoln loves Galatasaray and the fans. Lincoln loves to play football in Galatasaray, and he loves the football fans because they are taking the football team far and they are backing the team and seeing every match they can see. The fans applauded Lincoln when he gat a penalty, and then Lincoln let Baros scoot it, that is something they like in that football club.

Real Madrid can’t win the Spanish football Championship.

Real Madrid can’t win the Football Championship.

Real Madrid is just too far behind to win the Spanish football championship, and at the way that Barcelona is playing, I don’t think that Real Madrid is having a chance to win the football championship. The players in Real Madrid have to have to believe that it can be done, football stars like Sneijder, van der Vaart and Raul.

Real Madrid will properly be number 2 this year.

I think that Real Madrid will be number 2 this year, even with football stars like Sneijder and van der Vaart; it will be almost impossibly to win the championship this year. Barcelona is to far in front, and Barcelona is having some football stars too. Barcelona is having a great football team, and Real Madrid, Sneijder and van der Vaart is just too far behind to win.
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Christiano Ronaldo is the best football player in 2008.

Christiano Ronaldo is the best football player.

On the 11 of January Christiano Ronaldo was honored as the best football player in 2008 and there can’t be a lot of people in the world of football who wouldn’t agree with that honor for Christiano Ronaldo. In 2008 Christiano Ronaldo has been the perfect football player the only thing that Christiano Ronaldo hasn’t won is the European championship with Portugal. 

Christiano Ronaldo has won it all.

With Manchester Unitet Christiano Ronaldo has won it all, Manchester Unitet won the Premier League, the Champions League and last but not least Manchester Unitet and Christiano Ronaldo wan the World championship for football clubs. So with his football club Christiano Ronaldo has won it all in 2008.
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Christian Poulsen and Juventus will face Chelsea.

Hard Champions leagues draw for Juventus.

Christian Poulsen and Juventus will face Chelsea in the Champions League 1/16 finals and that was a difficult draw because there were many other football teams Juventus and Christian Poulsen rather would play football against. For Juventus and Christian Poulsen is the former Chelsea coach Claudio Ranieri, and maybe he will see the football matches against Chelsea as his personally revenge.

You got to beat the best football teams.

If you want to be the best you have to beat the best football teams in Europe and Chelsea is one of the best football teams in the world. Christian Poulsen is looking forward to play again and Christian Poulsen is looking forward to play against Chelsea and hopefully win and get further in the Champions League.
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Robinho is going to Denmark.

Robinho is going to play football in Denmark.

On of the biggest football stars at this time Robinho is going to play football in Denmark and it will be a fabulous opportunity for the Danish football fans to see some of the biggest football stars in Europe. Robinho has been out with an injury but now Robinho is back again.

Who are Robinho and Manchester City going to play football against?

The Danish football club that Robinho and Manchester City is going to play against is one of the biggest and most wealthy football clubs in Denmark. The club is playing in the Danish capital and the name of the club is FCK (Football Club København) If there is any football club in Denmark that is going to have a chance to beet Manchester City it most bee FCK.
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Luis Fabiano the goal machine in Brazil.

There are a lot of goals in Luis Fabianos football boots.

In the start of the football carrier Luis Fabiano scored a lot of goals for Ponte Preta when he scored 25 goals in 67 football matches. After scoring all these goals for this minor Brazilian football club, the football giants from Sau Paulo saw Luis Fabiano as a big talent ant they bought him, hoping that he coot score a lot of football goals for the football club.

A break in the scoring streak in France for Luis Fabiano.

After the move to Sau Paulo Luis Fabiano scored 10 goals in 22 football matches in the Brazilian Serie A. After this Luis Fabiano got sold to the French football club Rennes, they was hoping that when Luis Fabiano could score that amount of goals in Brazil he could also do it in French, but sadly an of Luis Fabiano couldn’t score a lot of goals in France. In 11 matches Luis Fabiano could not score a single goal and he moved back to Brazil and Sau Paulo.
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Van der Vaart is not use to sit on the bench.

Van der Vaart most gets use to the bench.

It is not always easy to sit on the bench for van der Vaart but in a football club like Real Madrid, even the biggest football stars most sit on the bench. I most say that bigger football stars than van der Vaart has been sitting on the bench in Real Madrid and he is properly not the last football stars that have to sit on the bench in Real Madrid.

I most get use to it Sais van der Vaart to

It’s not easy because I’m used to play every game. But when you come to a club like Real Madrid you sometime have to. It’s not a problem, but I have to get used to it,” says Rafael van der Vaart in an interview with
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I will not sell Luis Fabiano.

Luis Fabiano is important.

Sevilla president Del Nido says Luis Fabiano is too important to be sold, I don’t need the money I will rather have Luis Fabiano on my football team. We will not sell Luis Fabiano because he is a very important football player for the football team and for the city Sevilla. But maybe Sevilla will get an offer in the summer that they cant refuse.

Who will bay Luis Fabiano?

They are always a lot of rumors in the football world, and there are also many rumors around Luis Fabiano. One of the football clubs that wants to bay Luis Fabiano is Manchester City who have the football boss with a lot of money, he Sais that he can bay what ever football player he wants. And now that Real Madrid has appointed the former Sevilla manager Juan Ramos maybe Real Madrid will bay Luis Fabiano.
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Luis Fabiano a strong and gifted football player.

Luis Fabiano, a strong Brazilian football player.

Luis Fabiano is a strong Brazilian football player, if you are a defender you have to take the ball from him before he gets it because if he gets the football he is almost impossible to take the football from, Luis Fabiano is so strong and so good to keep the ball that if he gets the ball in front of the goal, he will almost every time make a goal. 

Some of the things Luis Fabiano are gifted with.

Luis Fabiano has a fabulous shout and he is so powerful that he can make some good goals from a long distends from the goal. If Luis Fabiano has the chance form the penalty spot he is one of the safest scooters in the world. Luis Fabiano is big and he is a very good header and Luis Fabiano is scoring a lot of goals with his head.
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