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Real Madrid and Robinho got the football Championship

Robinho, a part of the football championship?
In the start of the season Robinho played all the matches for Real Madrid, but then he gat injured, and after he gat bag from the injury break Robinho had a lot of trouble to get back in to the team.
Mostly because, Robben and Schneider, was playing very good. I feel Robinho has a big part of the Championship, Robinho played very well in the start and he has bin a good substitute. 
Robinho is a happy man now.
Robinho is very happy to win the Spanish football Championship, and for Robinho personally this is more important than the one last year. In this season Robinho has played a lot and he can say that this is also his Championship. Last year Robinho hardly ever played, but in this season hi has played a lot.

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Robinho, the greats so that he vas good

There vas possibilities in that boy.
Already as a little boy Robinho got predicted a great football future, it vas the big stars as Pelé, who said that her vas a boy who wood make a big football talent and get far in football, (They vas right) Already as a 6 years old boy, Robinho vas spotted by a lot of football scouts and at the age of 9, the big clubs wanted him.
Scored a lot of goals in a early age.
Already at the age of 9 Robinho played good football, in an indoor tournament Robinho scored 73 goals for his club Portuários, and Robinho helped the club to be vice-champions of Sao Paulo. Already in the early years Robinho showed, that the best place for him on the pits vas as a wing and as the guy behind the strikers. This vas the best place to use his speed.

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Robinhos mom got kidnapped.

This is how football started for Robinho.
Robinho signed the first professional contract, in 2002 then he where 18 years old. The club is Santos Futebol Clube, and it is from Brazilian. In the first season, Robinho played football for Santos he played 24 matches and he scored 9 goals. Santos won with the help and goals from Robinho the Campeonato Brasileiro already in Robinhos first season Robinho played for the club. The 2004 season in Santos was the best for Robinho he played 37 matches and he scored 21 goals.
Difficult to hold Robinho in Santos.
In the summer of 2004, Santos new that they hat a very good player in Robinho, and if they could keep him at the club for a extra season, more clubs would show there interest in this young football player. Santos turns a lot of European down. But in the summer of 2005, Real Madrid bout Robinho for €24.000.000.

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Robinho or Ronaldo?

What is the deferens between Robinho and Ronaldo?
If you look at Robinho and Ronaldo in the best shape they can be, what is the deference between these 2 great Brazilian football players? Robinho is the little quick man, who, nobody can catch on the wing, and Ronaldo is a bit bigger and Ronaldo is not as quick as Robinho. Robinho can play on all plaices on the midfield, both Robinho is best at a wing. Ronaldo is the perfect target man and he has eye for the goal. Robinho is not good in front, because he is not the born striker.

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Robinho goes to Real Madrid.

Robinho has a big football talent.
From the start of Robinhos carrier, all of the people who now him said that this should be one, of the biggest football talents of the world. Here was something special, a talent you would not see every day in football. Robinho developed fast and he helps bring back the joy to the fans of the Brazilian football club Santos, when they won the Brazilian championship for the first time in 18 years. Robinho helped Santos to win a Championship and a Libertadores Cup before Santos sold him to Real Madrid.
A earlier trainer gat Robinho to Real Madrid 
The man who got Robinho to Real Madrid was, non other than Robinhos earlier trainer Vanderlei Luxemburgo who had a god personal knowledge to Robinho, from when he vas trainer for him in Santos for many yeas. Vanderlei Luxemburgo made the fine gentlemen at Real Madrid spend many money on a young unknown football player. But Vanderlei Luxemburgo knows what he was doing and he spend a lot of money on this young football talent.

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Robinho a little man with a giant football talent.

Robinho is finely showing what he can.
It took a little time before Robinho gat ready to the Spanish football Primera division, but now he has gotten used to the way they play. Now Robinho is showing what a talent he really is, and why Real Madrid paid 24 million € when they bought Robinho in Santos in his home country Brazil.
Why is it going so well for Robinho in Real Madrid?
If you ask Robinho and all others who know him they would say that it is caused by the new trainer in Real Madrid Bern Schuster, he shows him the confident on the field as he didn’t get from the pervious trainer Fabio Capello. Now Robinho plays on the left wing and that is where Robinho is the best.

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Robinho a young football player with a long carrier.

Football started early for Robinho.

Robinho started playing football when he was very young. When he was 6 years old, he signed his first contract with Beira-Mar,
a local football academy. The first year Robinho played football for the club; trey won the football championship,
for young boys. When Robinho vas 9 years old he played futsal and that season Robinho scored 73 goals.

Where started football for real for Robinho?
When Robinho vas very young, he started playing football for Santos juvenile team, whit’s vas at that time leaded by the biggest
Brazilian star ever Pelé. When Robinho started at the Santos team many people in Brazilian said that this vas one of the biggest
talents ever. In 2002 at the age of 18 Robinho signed his first professional contract with Santos Futebol Clube. Robinho a young football player with a long carrier.